Aknicare Cream 50ml

د.ك 17.250

Mode of application

Apply on clean dry skin two to three times daily, unless otherwise recommended by the doctor or pharmacist, massaging gently until complete absorption.

Active ingredients

Triethyl citrate, ethyl linoleate, salicylic acid (0,2%), zinc lactate, hyaluronic acid.


Softfeel Technology

Cream for Acne Prone Seborrheic Skin

Oil in water emulsion specifically designed for controlling and attenuating acne symptoms. Exerts a hydrating and opaque effect, preventing skin dryness and leaving the skin looking matt.

When its use is adviced

It may be used as a co-adjuvant to other anti-acne therapies that dry and irritate the skin (such as for example systemic or topical retinoid based treatments). Useful also as a maintenance treatment in the remissive phase of acne.



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