Aknicare Spray 100ml

د.ك 25.250



Bacterial colonization


According to clinical studies, using it is reduced by up to 65% in inflammatory lesions & 60% in gynecomastia.

Its non-greasy texture and practical packaging in Spray Spray and upside down make it easy to apply to large surfaces such as back and stern.

Not to be used on the face



Synchroline Aknicare Spray, with GT peptide-10 against acne in a spray form.

The Aknicare emulsion is suitable for the treatment of acne in the back and chest, without retinoids and antibiotics.

The patented combination of 3 active ingredients (Triethyl Citrate, Ethyl Linolate & GT-P), combined with an innovative technology (“LIPIFREE” Technology), works against all four factors that cause acne. It offers an immediate visible effect on the reduction of acneic damages.



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