د.ك 2,200.000

Oxygen Radical (OH-)! Anti-aging effect by removing Free Oxygen Radical using Hydrogen water. Non- dryness Non- needling Non- ablative Water Galvanic Hydrogen Water(H2) Hydration, cleansing, anti-aging S1 (AHA) Water-soluble keratin softening, skin relaxing, exfoliation S2 (BHA) Removal of sebum, demodex, acne and T-zone treatment S3 (AO3) Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, brightening effect, nutrition supply SPECIFICATIONS

Weight 8kg, 1-Set Weight 5kg Dimensions 300 × 300 × 270mm Input Voltage AC 100~220V (DC 12V, 5A) Power Consumption 60W H2 WATER ANTI-AGING EFFECT H2 Water is rich in Hydrogen removes Free Oxygen Radical accumulated inside of the body and improves the condition in the body to protect from excess generating of Free Oxygen Radical.

CLEANSING (+)MODE Vacuum + Water galvanic collaboration effect HANDLE STORAGE After store the handle in the device, it is completely closed. AFTER 1 SESSION AFTER 1 SESSION


AQUASURE H2 HYDROGEN TONING (HYDROGEN PEEL) Non-stop solution for hydration, anti-aging, cleansing, brightening, nutrition supply with AQUASURE H2. The cause of activating Aging-skin is excessive Free


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