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The Dermatic® principle consists in using compressed air that provides a high-injection speed. This ensures a painless treatment for the patient and a very high precision for the practitioner.


Aesthetic (mesolift, cellulite), rheumatologic, spinal pathologies, dermatology (fibrous scars, hair loss), sport traumas (tendonitis, pulled muscle), blood circulation troubles, etc.


Dermatic® allows defining the following parameters:

  • speed of burst
  • injection depth
  • quantity of liquid to inject
  • manual or automatic mode

Clamping system       

A clamping system of the catheter ensures no loss of product.

The lag clamping system allows the gun to provide the predefined quantity of liquid only when the needle is inside the skin. In fact, the catheter (placed between the syringe and the needle) providing Mesotherapy liquid remains clamped (blocked) when the needle is out of the skin.

All types of syringes

An adapter allows the use of all types of syringes: 1ml – 2ml –10ml.

Possibility of custom-made adapters


  • Excellent ergonomic
  • No loss of product
  • Ensured reproducibility
  • Regulation of the injected quantity
  • Constant safety
  • Easy regulation of the parameters

Delivered with with a suitcase and the accessories

Certificate : CE Marking


Dermatic®1 is a high technology gun for Mesotherapy functioning with compressed air .machine kits Full Kit Dermatic grey 30G Needles 50pcs/box


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